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New Way Services
Program Instructor

Program Instructors provide the daily basic needs of clients, including direct care, grooming, dressing, feeding, shopping, laundry, etc., allowing the clients to do as much as possible for themselves in these areas, follow each client's training plans, behavior plans, data collection procedures, schedules, diet plans, medical plans, and complete necessary documentation.

New Way Services
Program Leader

Program Leaders provide supervision and direct care services and as needed at each home, and report to supervisor on progress of clients, particularly regarding any behavioral or medical problems, report medical issues, be sure that schedules match hours actually worked, check the facility daily, inside and out, for cleanliness, maintenance problems, make minor repairs as needed.

New Way Services
(Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals)

QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals) provide general supervision of all aspects of the functioning of four programs, ensure continuity of facility services with those provided by outside agencies, including consultants, schools and day programs, licensing and case managers.

New Way Services
Licensed Vocational  Nurses (LVNs) 

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) provide client care, physically assessments of clients, client programming, medication  administration and documentation, supervision of all staff regarding medical issues, communication with the facility physician regarding any client health  issues, implementing nursing plans and client specific health care plans.

New Way Services
Registered Nurse (RNs) 

Registered Nurse (RNs) physically assess each client weekly, train and monitor staff in medication administration, respond to calls regarding client medical issues, update health care plans, review monthly vital signs and weights.


Download this application and return it to the main office by email or by faxing it to (925) 688-1525.

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