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New Way Services was founded in 1996 to provide the best services possible for individuals with developmental disabilities who live in the community and who need 24 hour care. Our goal is to inspire our staff and residents to see a new way of what is possible for persons with developmental disabilities. We encourage residents and those involved in their lives to view them in terms of their abilities rather than their limitations — to focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do and to move beyond self-imposed limitations to a belief in the greater possibilities within each person. We insist that those we serve be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation for their uniqueness as individuals in a safe and nurturing setting.


Our programs provide an enriched living environment for the six residents in each of our homes. We promote greater self-esteem and self-confidence through services designed to meet individual needs and to improve the lives and living skills of each resident to the extent possible. We also provide residents with frequent opportunities for a variety of recreational opportunities — for example, bowling, picnics, the zoo and trips to the store to spend their own money.


We currently have eight six-bed homes in Contra Costa County in Northern California. We strive to provide the best possible care and training for our residents, who vary considerably in ability level, medical needs and requirements for behavioral redirection. We teach our staff to be excellent care providers as well as skills trainers. They receive a thorough initial orientation and carefully designed  ongoing training thereafter — both on the job and in classroom settings.


We provide an array of services to maximize the growth of our residents. Before admission, each candidate is assessed for the potential to benefit from the training and habilitation services that we offer. Once admitted, assessments are done by a physician, registered nurse, physical therapist, psychologist, speech therapist, recreational therapist, our Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional  and any other type of specialist that may be indicated by individual needs. Other team members include the resident, family, school or day program and the regional center case manager. Team assessments to evaluate progress and create plans for further training and treatment are held within 30 days of admission, and twice annually thereafter.

New Way Services
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