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I have been blessed with many 'extended family' members since my son, who is 34 yrs old with multiple disabilities, moved into one of the New Way Services homes 12 years ago.


The staff are much more than caregivers; they are our sisters, brothers, the loving manner they care for him.


Always keeping me informed on any recent issue, understanding my need to still be a big part of his life and many times giving 110% to do their best keeping him safe-which is NOT an easy job.


I love each and every one of these special people, I have no idea what I would do without New Way Services! Bless them all!

Anna S.

Carla I.

My sister was a very special person but it wasn't always easy to get toknow her. In school, during the 1940's, kids thought she was odd and some kids made fun of her. 


She felt safe at home, with our Mom, whom she lived with until she was 77. She loved bright colors and pretty clothes. She always liked having her handkerchiefs and her sunglasses with her, and she spent a lot of time in the bathroom!


During her last year of life, as her health begin to fail, she went to live at New Way, a long term facility. The staff at New Way loved and appreciated her and took wonderful care of her, especially Karen and Vernice. They understood and appreciated her.


During the last five hours of her life, I sat with her, held her hand and sang every song I could think of because she liked that. She left this life as she had lived it; quietly and peacefully. A few minutes after she passed, Karen came into the room and I said "she's gone". We cried together and Karen and the Hospice Chaplain stayed with me for several hours until the sweet young man from the mortuary came to take her body. And together, we watched him drive away in the twilight.


She died two days before her 85th birthday. I know she is with our mother and  that she is at peace.

I have nothing but great things to say about your agency. I was so glad my cousin had an opportunity to come and stay there.


The staff always made me feel comfortably whenever I would visit. It felt like home, however the staff was very professional, and would alert and identify areas of concern for my loved one.


I knew she was safe and in good hands. I could not have found a better place for my cousin to live.


I can't thank you enough for the respect and kindness shown my family and I.

Melody F.

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